Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Next Project: Magazine Spreads

Design a magazine. Select a genre and consider the audience profile. 

Visit your bookstore an look at magazines. A lot of them.  Sit down at a table and really study the magazines. Take note of things you like and dislike- noting ideas about typefaces usage, columns, subtitles, content pages, folios, images, color and graphical details. Choose three magazines and write a more formal description of your audience profile, concept for your magazine, visual language and style use, as well as your educational goals for yourself as a designer. Your goals can be in the form of questions. Your write-up should be a 350-500 words in length posted to your blog.

InDesign Skills:
Grid, typesetting, character/paragraph styles, master page usage for production and more.

  • Size: dimensions are your choice
  • Color: CMYK or spot color
  • Type: select from course font list
  • Images: Make your own images.
  • Binding: saddle stitch
  • Copy: found online
  • 6-10 spreads / 12-20 pages
Required elements:
Front/Back cover
Content page
3 short articles
1 feature article

Hand In:
Individual Blogs must document research and design process, and project concept write-up
Mockup thumbnails, sketches, images, etc.
Magazine bound and presented

  1. Go to a bookstore to do begin research.
  2. Bring your sketchbook, ruler, pen, and tracing paper.
  3. Draw out three GRIDS that you found in magazines. Be ready to discuss and share your grids with class Monday. 
  4. Write your project description {this might evolve over time}.
  5. Read article "The Grid: History, use, and Meaning" by Jack Williamon
  6. Make entry in blog about the reading.
Due Date: 
Still to come but keeping in mind, we want this to be a project for you sophomore portfolio review.

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